About Us

You’ve heard the narratives from travellers to Japan and you’ve read the guidebooks and glossy brochures. But Japan is so much more. It extends beyond the stories you hear, the pictures you see and your own ideas about this unique nation. To truly understand Japan and experience it in its entirety, you must perceive its true depth. And this is what we offer — in-depth, immersive and unforgettable experiences that will help you discover the real Japan through a journey to its beating heart.

At Regency Group Inc., we apply this insight into designing luxury, personalised journeys that take you on a sensory tour through this mystical land. Depending on your interests, we craft itineraries that will reveal Japan’s cultural identity, its technological pinnacle, its gourmet inspirations, its natural bounties and its spiritual core.

Our extensive knowledge of our country as well as exclusive insider access to places not open to others, allows us to show you Japan in its truest and most enriching colours. This, along with our vast, worldwide experience in luxury travel and our sense of honour and love for perfection, unites to forge a journey of a lifetime.

Just as we have been successfully crafting and organising tailor-made luxury tours all over the globe, especially in Europe and USA, for our Japanese customers, we now invite you into our homeland, to experience a riveting journey through its historic treasures, fascinating traditions, futuristic wonders and natural grandeur.

As always, the focus will be on you, and your authentic, rewarding experiences in this surreal country.

Travel Designers

isao numano luxury travel japan regency group

Isao Numano

Executive Travel Designer


With vast experience in international travel and dedicated services to the travel and tourism industry for over 36 years, Mr. Isao Numano has perfected the art of crafting personalised journeys with a passion that fuels Regency Group Inc. He has fostered numerous ties and networks with major Japanese travel companies and cultivated highly esteemed travel associations during the course of his career. He has also received the privilege of being selected as an expert panelist for the first International Luxury Travel Market that was held in Kyoto, Japan, in March 2013. This has furthered his reputation in the global standards of luxury travel.

Earlier, in 2008, he had extended his broad experience in travel towards arranging luxury tours to exotic destinations worldwide, for Japanese customers. He has now given momentum to the company’s inbound division that leads travellers across Japan on experiential tours.

During his spare time, Mr. Isao Numano explores new destinations around the world, and observes the hospitality at his destinations in order to provide reliable recommendations to his clients.

Kiyomi Hasegawa Travel Designer Luxury Travel Japan Regency Group

Kiyomi Hasegawa

Travel Designer, Wedding & Honeymoon Concierge


Ms. Kiyomi Hasegawa is backed by an extensive experience of 38 years in the travel and tourism sector, providing customised tours across the globe, with special emphasis on Europe.

A Japanese native, she loves exploring the vast beauty of her homeland and discovering hidden, highly relaxing onsen and therapeutic baths in the majestic mountains, all of which are included only in the specially crafted itineraries prepared by her for Japan Regency Inc. Ms. Hasegawa enjoys delving into Japan’s traditional Edo Era, and appreciates ancient cultural forms of Japanese entertainment including the Kabuki Theatre and Bunraku puppet show. She also researches restaurants around Japan to identify those offering the best of modern and traditional Japanese cuisines in order to recommend them to clients for a satisfying culinary experience.

If you wish to glimpse Japan’s true, natural beauty, experience its unique culture and tradition and feast on its exquisite culinary offerings, then send in your requests for a vacation designed around your dreams.