Exclusive Cultural Experiences

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Tea Ceremony

The ceremonial preparation and serving of the matcha tea has always been finely woven into Japan’s cultural fabric. Experience this age-old tradition and learn the art of serving this special tea in an exclusive ceremony by a tea master, using traditional utensils.

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Art of Sushi

Sushi making is an intricate art. Discover its secrets from a seasoned chef who will show you how to prepare Nigiri at a sushi counter. Also learn the traditional culinary techniques involved in slicing sashimi, wearing a professional chef’s attire. Enjoy your preparations at the end of the class.

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Japan boasts fine crafts that span bonsai, ceramics, wood-block prints and textiles. Meet the expert artisans and learn about the fine arts in greater depth and detail.

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Stay at Luxury Ryokans

Experience authentic Japanese hospitality at a luxury ryokan, carefully selected for a truly memorable stay. Indulge in the traditional Kaiseki meal, and explore Japan’s sophisticated gastronomic features. Enjoy a warm dip in a private onsen and rejuvenate in a restful spa.

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Traditional Geisha Entertainment

There’s nothing like a private dinner at an authentic Ochaya in Kyoto to make your visit to Japan unforgettable. Being entertained by a Geisha while sipping some delicious sake and savouring traditional cuisine is the perfect way to experience classic Japan.

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Private Jets & Cars

Let luxury accompany you everywhere in Japan. With a luxury car at your service and a helicopter and private jet to transfer you from one beautiful destination to the next, you will experience comfort and opulence throughout your stay.

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