Family Travel in Japan

Think Japan, and you probably envision beautiful shrines, historic castles and cultural marvels. But think again, and you’ll discover a dazzling world of unlimited joy and entertainment for kids of all ages too. Whether captivated by anime or origami, manga or Hello Kitty, Japan offers you more than you could possibly imagine! Here are a few places that you can enjoy with your family.

Clock Ghibli Tokyo family travel Japan Regency Group

The Ghibli Clock

You’ll find the giant Ghibli Clock, or the “NI-TELE Really Big Clock, located between the Shindome and Shimbashi stations, waiting to enchant you with its music and clockwork sequence. The machine is intricately built, with numerous clockwork people spinning and dancing in precision. The hands of the clock perform a slow ballet until they finally tell the time.

The clock is enormous, springing to life every four hours on Monday to Friday, with an extra show on the weekend. This intriguing performance commences around 4 minutes ahead of the hour. Be there!

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Hello Kitty at Sanrio Puroland

Treat your kids to the cutest place on earth at the Sanrio Puroland theme park. It’s like entering a fantasy world of shows, boat rides, stores, restaurants and the chance to meet your favourite Sanrio characters. Take home fascinating Hello Kitty merchandise and don’t forget to explore kitty’s pink house. Sanrio Puroland is best enjoyed by kids aged 6 and under, but adults can have their fair share of fun, engulfed in Japan’s kawaii culture.

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Origami Kaikan

Origami is a popular Japanese art and you can create magic with paper through step-by-step instruction. Visit the Origami Kaikan in Tokyo, a gallery dedicated to origami, to immerse yourself in this pleasurable craft. The mezzanine exhibition floor offers inspiration in the form of numerous origami creations. The exhibitions focus on a festival or current event. The fourth floor houses a factory where you may observe washi paper being made and dyed. You can also pick up some books on the art. Have fun, folding paper in innovative new ways!

Nara Family Travel Japan Regency Group

Deer Park in Nara

Nara’s main attraction is the large Deer Park filled with ancient temples and sacred deer. Believed to be messengers of the gods, these deer roam freely within the park and are protected by law. Visit the park and picnic on its grounds. You just might find yourselves visited by curious or hungry deer. You can buy some deer food and include them in your picnic too!

Kayak Japan family travel Japan Regency Group

Sea Kayaking on Miyajima

Get ready for seaside adventures! The Seto Inland Sea is the perfect place for kayaking, with mild waves and beautiful vistas in every direction. Paddle towards the impressive floating torii gate of the Itsukushima Shrine and enjoy stunning views of the Miyajima Island. The sea is safe for beginners, so take your family along for a fascinating time.

Japan is a safe, clean and enthralling country, ideal for a family holiday. So indulge, and take home some amazing experiences and cherished memories of fun and family time.

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