Hokkaido, Adventures in Spring

Hokkaido is a nature-lover’s paradise, filled with unmatched open spaces, onsen, fields of wildflowers and beautiful blue lakes. Though winter is a time of pristine white beauty, it is in the spring that you must visit, to revel in the bright spectrum of floral hues and scenic settings. Hokkaido attracts with its great outdoors, and promises adventures for a truly memorable holiday.

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Sunflowers uplift the spirit like nothing else, and the city of Hokuryu in eastern Hokkaido blooms a bright yellow from mid-July to mid-August. With sunflowers planted over 10 hectares, these fields of gold boast gigantic blossoms, some reaching up to even two metres.

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There are numerous hill towns in Hokkaido that offer spectacular views, so a road trip would be a great idea. Green fields, stretches of flowers and trees may be viewed on the way to Furano. Biei is a picturesque little town bearing an abundance of flowers. While most of these are the private property of the farmers, they may be enjoyed from paved areas. Visit Zerubu Hill and Atom Hill, Kanno Farm, Hokusei Hill and Flower Land Kamifurano to bask in the beauty of spring flowers.

Farm Tomita is the best place to view lavender and poppies. The farm has a special area called “Spring Field” where you can enjoy spring flowers, like poppies, chives, tulips and more. In mid-June, the lavenders appear in their purple splendour.

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The Daisetsuzan National Park, also called “Kamui Mintara”, the playground of the gods, by the Ainu people, presents the very soul of Hokkaido. This is the largest park in Japan, and its massive mountain offers various trails for hikers with different levels of climbing experience. The park is officially open for hiking from July to the end of September. You’ll cross smoking volcanic craters, gurgling brooks, clear rivers, scenic lakes and green valleys. If you’re lucky, you might come across the pika or Ezo deer, and various birds, butterflies and foxes. The park is also generously strewn with onsen.

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Sapporo in the springtime is beautiful too. Not just a winter attraction, the capital city of Hokkaido wears the colours of the season with pride. Enjoy the cherry blossoms, tulips, lilacs and other beautiful flowers here as you walk down the Odori Park. Don’t miss the lilac festivals at Odori Park and Kawashimo, which begins in mid May. Or you could view the city from the top of the Sapporo TV Tower, or the summit of Mt. Moiwa.

Hokkaido is known for its beautiful winters and wonderful, powder snow, but visit this island in the spring, and you’ll discover outdoor adventures and natural landscapes that will keep you coming back for more.

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