Japan’s Beautiful Lakes

Nature has blessed Japan in many, untold ways. Its lofty snow-capped mountains, its fields of colourful wildflowers, its dense, abundant forests and its glassy lakes beckon you to come and enjoy these generous offerings of nature. So stop by, take a boat ride across a stunning lake and take in the gorgeous views of the majestic Mt. Fuji, or the fall colours of the foliage on its banks, or the delicate cherry blossoms that line the edge of the water. Or, sit by a lakeside and take in the beauty of icebergs floating on the surface in the wintertime. We’ve picked out five lakes that you will enjoy visiting.

Lake Ashi Mount Fuji

Lake Ashi

This beautiful volcanic lake formed in the caldera of Mt. Hakone over 3,000 years ago, is iconic to Hakone. Take a cruise down the lake in the replica of a pirate ship, and enjoy the scenic mountains surrounding the lake, and the unmistakable red floating torii of the Hakone Shrine. On a clear day, you’ll get mesmerising views of Mt. Fuji. You’ll also find numerous hot springs around the lake.

lake Shoji

Lake Shoji

Lake Shoji is the smallest of the five lakes that adorn the base of Mt. Fuji. It was created years ago when lava from Mt. Fuji flowed down and divided a large lake into three sections. It presents a rustic atmosphere and offers excellent fishing, hiking, and camping opportunities as well as inspiring views of Japan’s mighty Mt. Fuji.

lake kawaguchi

Lake Kawaguchi

Another of the Fuji Five Lakes — a World Heritage Site, Lake Kawaguchi is a popular tourist destination, drawing crowds to see the ‘Reverse Fuji’, the perfect reflection of Mt. Fuji in the glassy waters of the lake. Enjoy the cherry blossoms that frame its edges in the spring, or the summer sports on the lake. Don’t miss the fireworks festivals in August, or the blazing colours in the fall. Winter Fireworks from mid-January to late February is also a crowd-puller. It’s the perfect place for leisure or adventure.

lake Biwa

Lake Biwa

This is Japan’s largest freshwater lake, in Honshu. The shape of the lake resembles a musical instrument called biwa, and hence its name. Lake Biwa’s scenic beauty has inspired poetry and it is one of Japan’s prime attractions. It supports the pearl culture industry, and also serves as the breeding ground for freshwater fish like trout. It also bears historic significance as being the bridge between the Sea of Japan and the Inland Sea.

mt Nantai and lake Chuzenji in NIkko

Lake Chuzenji

A picturesque lake nestled amid the mountains above Nikko, Lake Chuzenji is known especially for the fall colours that crown the lake. You can hike along the lakeside following hiking trails or enjoy the views through a cruise on the lake.

These are only a few of the numerous beautiful lakes that Japan has to offer to nature lovers, and leisure and adventure seekers. All lakes are a picture of beauty themselves and offer memorable experiences.

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