Outdoor Adventures in Hokkaido

Life is ephemeral in Hokkaido in Japan. That alone should be reason enough to indulge in adventure and excitement! And when it comes to Hokkaido, one of Japan’s northernmost islands with its unspoilt nature across various terrains, offering so many different activities, you just have to let your hair down and have the time of your life!

Up in the Air

If you’re looking for uplifting experiences – literally – then you’re at the right place when planning a holiday to Hokkaido in Japan! Ride a hot air balloon that lifts off from Niseko Town in the early mornings and evenings, and get a bird’s eye view of the spectacular landscape. Or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, seeking an adrenaline-infused flush, then Airlifting might be the key! Head to Lake Shikaribetsu, a lake encircled by dense woods of the Daisetsuzan National Park in Tokachi, where you can enjoy an ‘air-trip’. Harnessed safely and hanging from the end of a wire, you’ll have the surreal, unforgettable experience of flying like a bird, high above the trees and the lake.

Take to the skies with paragliding in Furano and witness the beauty of the seasons from the lofty heights! You’ll have your fill of stunning views depending on the month, with a sea of clouds in the months of May and June, a carpet of lush green during summer or a blanket of dazzling snow in winter. Bridge swinging at Niseko or Hidaka is another activity that is accompanied by an adrenaline rush. And it’s exactly as it sounds – tying yourself to a bridge and taking the leap! Experience the dizzying rush from free fall and the elation from swinging unrestrained.

Down to Earth

If you enjoy connecting with nature through a hike, then Mt. Hakkenzan or the ‘Eight-Swords Mountain’ presents a good opportunity. Trek to the top, and you’ll also discover beautiful views of the mountain’s unique serrated peaks, Jozankei hot springs and the Shikotsu-Toya National Park. Farm hiking in Nemuro City will give you the additional pleasure of enjoying various dairy products, soft-serve ice cream and a local specialty called Escalope. Treeing is another enjoyable activity involving tree climbing, viewing the dense forests from a height and enjoying being a part of nature.

Hunting edible wild plants is an activity fancied by many, and Kutchan Town in southwest Hokkaido boasts a growth of wild garlic, mountain udo, and aralia during spring and early summer, and a proliferation of mushrooms during autumn. Riding Torokko Trains in the Torokko Kingdom in Bifuka City is another unique experience. If you like cowboys, then you should saddle up and go horseback riding along the river, the seashore or in the forest. Or if you’re more into motorbikes, then try riding the four-wheeled buggy motorbike through the mountains at Bankei in Sapporo.

Winter transforms the surrounding land to white and offers various other satisfying outdoor activities. Enjoy the snowshoe night adventure in Asahiyama Memorial Park and take in the panoramic night views and twinkling lights of Sapporo as you walk through the refreshing mountain terrain. Hokkaido also boasts the world’s favourite powder snow, so skiing and snowboarding is a must!

Wet and Wonderful

Whether you’re fishing for abalone in Okushiri, or catching and peeling sea urchins, the seas and rivers in Hokkaido provide many entertaining hours! Feel the freshness of raw nature by Sea kayaking in Shiretoko or enjoy Lake Kayaking over the glassy waters of Lake Shikotsu.

Amp up the excitement with Canyoning, as you drift through creeks and streams, slide down small waterfalls or leap into plunge basins. Rafting down Mu River, one of the fiercest in Japan, is an even more invigorating experience! Stand Up Paddle Boarding, a relatively recent water sport that involves standing on a long board and paddling in sync with the river current, has become quite the sensation as well.

Hokkaido in Japan is a nature lover’s paradise, and a sheer delight to those who love the great outdoors and enjoy its every aspect through sports and activities. So take some time off, and live large!

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