Castles in Japan

Japan is a land that’s steeped in history, culture and allure, and all this is beautifully reflected through its castles. While only around 12 of the original castles exist today, many have been rebuilt over the past few decades. Visit Japan, and enjoy them for their unique architecture and a feel of the days of the Samurai.

Hikone Castle Luxury Travel Japan Regency Group

Hikone Castle

The neighbouring Hikone Castle is relatively small, strategically perched on a hilltop. It is an original castle, having survived the post-feudal era with its main keep, moats and walls, guardhouses and gates. Historically significant, it is one of five castles that are listed as national treasures. The castle grounds come alive with cherry blossoms in springtime, greatly enhancing the beauty of the place. You can see the castle on a day trip from Osaka, Kyoto or Nagoya.

Osaka Castle Luxury Travel Japan Regency Group

Osaka Castle

This 16th century castle is believed to have played a significant role in the unification of Japan under Hideyoshi Toyotomi, making it one of the most well known landmarks in the country. It was the largest castle in its time, built on top of a high stone foundation. It has a 5-tiered donjon, with golden sea creatures dazzling the rooftop. The Nishinomaru Garden on the western side is a popular hanami spot in early April.

Nagoya Castle Luxury Travel Japan Regency Group

Nagoya Castle

The Nagoya Castle, built in the beginning of the Edo era, is reason enough to visit the beautiful castle town of Nagoya. You’ll love the castle’s massive inner moat and impressive wall. Badly damaged during WWII, most parts have been rebuilt and it continues to stand next to the spectacular Ninomaru Garden, a popular hanami destination.

Matsumoto Castle Luxury Travel Japan Regency Group

Matsumoto Castle

Its black exterior has lent it the name ‘Crow Castle’, but it is one among the four ‘National Treasures of Japan’. This premier historic castle is also one of the few original castles in Japan, located in a picturesque setting. You can easily access Matsumoto from Tokyo.

Kanazawa Castle Luxury Travel Japan Regency Group

Kanazawa Castle

Once the seat of the powerful Maeda clan, the Kanazawa Castle, located close to the Kenrokuen Garden, is a must-see. Razed a couple of times, it has been reconstructed, although the Ishikawa Gate is original.

Hirosaki Castle Luxury Travel Japan Regency Group

Hirosaki Castle

Visit this castle in the Aomori Prefecture between April end and mid-May to experience the castle at its most beautiful, with cherry blossoms adorning the Hirosaki Park in which it stands. Once destroyed by lightening, it has been rebuilt in the 19th century.


Himeji Castle

This is perhaps the most popular and often visited castles in all of Japan. This hilltop Japanese castle in the Hyogo Prefecture was initially built in the 14th century but later expanded to an elaborate complex in the 17th century.

You’ll find numerous castles strewn around the country, historic gems that are waiting to be discovered by you. Each has a tale that waits to be told.

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