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At Regency Group Inc., we have a highly specialised team that is dedicated to your travel objectives, with all the skills and technology required to satisfy those objectives beyond your expectation.
Japan can best be seen through the eyes of a local, and as natives, we can help you discover our Japan, your way.
We plan our itineraries around the interests and passions of your clients. Our special insider access will lead you to places that are not accessible to others.
We are delighted to help you experience the best of Japan, and take home unforgettable memories.

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Isao Numano



With vast experience in international travel and dedicated services to the travel and tourism industry for over 40 years, Mr. Isao Numano has perfected the art of crafting personalized journeys with a passion that fuels Regency Group Inc. He has fostered numerous ties and networks with major Japanese travel industries and cultivated highly esteemed travel associations during the course of his career.

Mr. Numano has also gained the privilege of being selected as an expert panelist for the first International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM Japan) held in Kyoto, Japan, in March 2013.This has furthered his reputation within the luxury travel industry. In March 2017, Traveller Made – the world’s leading and largest network dedicated to ultra-luxury travel – announced Mr. Isao Numano as one of its “12 Most Influential Luxury Travel Designers in the World”.

Kiyomi Hasegawa Travel Designer Luxury Travel Japan Regency Group

Kiyomi Hasegawa



Kiyomi Hasegawa brings 40 years of extensive experience in the travel and tourism industry to Regency Group Inc., the company she co-founded with Isao Numano in 1988.

She manages the marketing and research function of the inbound travel business, enabling distinguished guests from across the globe to enjoy superlative travel experiences in Japan. She also curates luxury foreign travel experiences for Japanese clients.

Kiyomi Hasegawa places unparalleled resources at her team’s disposal, to ensure that each client is benefited with unique, personalized experiences in Japan. This extends beyond general sightseeing to authentic experiences which give a deep insight into Japan’s history, culture and tradition, and gourmet.

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Yoichi Koreto

Board of Director

Inbound Business Development


Yoichi Koreto has over 20 years of inbound travel experience in Japan, with extensive knowledge in luxury FIT travel, incentive travel and event planning. He also boasts 16 years of overseas experience, having promoted custom incentive travel and events, and luxury travel from Europe and USA to Japan.

Through the course of his career, he has garnered substantial experience and expertise in global business and built an extensive network with major business partners, with whom he has a successful and long-standing working relationship.

He is a wine and Sake connoisseur, and a serious golfer.

mari inoue regency group japan

Mari Inoue

Chief Travel Consultant

Inbound Business Development


Mari Inoue brings over 10 years of professional experience in Japan’s luxury travel industry to Regency Group Inc. It was her passion for travel and luxury hospitality that led her to a career in the same. She has studied culinary arts in Canada, embarked on the Regency Seven Seas Cruises as a chef and worked with an F1 team.

Boasting a cosmopolitan upbringing in Tokyo, Mari has travelled extensively across the world and within Japan as well. Her favorite destinations in the country include Nagano, Matsue, Miyakojima, and of course, Tokyo.

She is keen on sharing the precious gems in her country with discerning travellers, and helping them enjoy memorable travel experiences in Japan. In her free time, she likes exploring gourmet foods, hiking, watching baseball, and practicing yoga and pilates.

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