Japan during fall

Japan during Fall

Come autumn, and Japan’s landscapes are slowly set ablaze in a symphony of hues that begins in the north and slowly colours its path towards the south. The perfect melange of bright yellow, fiery crimson and muted rust of the ginkgo and maple trees are reason enough to visit Japan, and simply look on in wonder while nature presents its most magnificent show for its spellbound audiences. Here are some of the most picturesque locations for koyo viewing, among many others around Japan.

Jozankei Hokkaido Luxury Travel to Japan Regency Group

Daisetsuzan National Park

Peak season: Mid September – Mid October

Autumn makes its presence first known in the mountains of Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido. This pristine wilderness is a delight for nature lovers, and perfect, to bask in the fiery glow of fall colours.

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Peak season: Mid – Late October

At the foot of Mt. Nyuto, you’ll find Nyuto-onsenkyo, a beautiful landscape offering seven hot springs. You can enjoy the enchanting warmth of these outdoor onsen, with spectacular, panoramic vistas of fall colours all around you — a truly special experience!

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Showa Kinen Park, Tokyo

Peak season: November

A popular picnic spot, this park is adorned with ginkgo trees that glow in golden hues during the fall. Walk on a gilded carpet of leaves under trees that flaunt the same fiery brilliance, or enjoy a sit down with friends and family to enjoy nature at its finest.

Rikugien Garden Tokyo Luxury Travel to Japan Regency Group


Peak season: Late November – Early December

This garden built during the Edo Era, has a beautiful assortment of trees, ponds and bridges, arranged to represent scenic spots from all across Japan. A forest of 400 maple trees becomes the centre of attraction during autumn, while the night viewing of the illuminated trees is a mesmerising way to be introduced to the magical fall atmosphere.

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Peak season: Late November – Mid December

Located close to Tokyo, Kamakura is famous for its historic sites and hiking trails. Of these, the Ten-en Hiking Course winds its way through scenic locations, offering beautiful views of the changing autumnal shades. If you follow a small road that leads to Kakuon-ji Temple, where you’ll discover the vivid red of the maple leaves. “Shishimai” is one of the most famous spots for viewing koyo in Kamakura. Surrounded by tall acer trees and ginkgo trees that display their respective reds and yellows, it’s a surreal experience to walk amid this fascinating medley of colours.

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Hozu Valley

Peak season: Late November – Early December

As you cruise down the Hozugawa River in Hozu Valley, you’ll witness the compelling red and gold hues of the fall foliage that cover the mountain slopes on either side. While the landscapes are beautiful through the year, there’s something about autumn that makes it come alive in even more alluring ways.

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Hida Takayama

Peak season: Late November – Mid December

Mid-October to mid-November

The ancient streets and the magnificent fall foliage that lies interspersed make for a charming sight. Savour the beauty of the season as you stroll down these streets.

There are numerous other spots where Japan’s captivating autumn scenery may be enjoyed. Come visit, and let nature delight you.

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